Wave Pant

︎ Where fashion meets function.


︎ Problem Statement 

    As clothing continues to get more   technical within the outdoor industry, opportunity still exists.

    Cross-sectional practicality is the next step.

︎ Material Selection

   - Champion 20oz. 90/10 cotton poly fleece made in USA

   - Water resistant nylon reinforcement 

︎ Moodboard

︎ Initial Ideation Sketches

︎ Prototype Renders

︎ Patterning and Proccess

   One single patterned piece wraps around both legs and the back of the pants


︎ Final prototype

   - 20oz cotton fleece to stay warm
   - Panneling in high wear areas
   - Easy waist buckle adjustment
   - Adjustable leg opening
   - side and patch pockets