Canvas Smock

︎ Made to wear.
    Made for where.

︎ Problem Statement

    The outdoor clothing market has a gap that needs to be filled. Durable, lightweight, and sustainable outdoor workwear.

︎Material importance

    Using vintage material is a great way to to be sustainable. 

   This 1944 Military tarp was found at a local yardsale and was repurposed into a jacket. Giving a new life that might have been thrown away.


︎Initial Ideation Sketches

︎Prototype Renders

Donut button renders and design

︎Patterning and Proccess

Quick pattern test fit with zipper

︎Final Prototype

   - Vintage 1944 Military Canvas
   - Metal rivet donut buttons
   - Two open patch pockets
   - One closed patch pocket
   - Modern fit