Ideaology Statement

    Choosing to study Outdoor Product Design and Development was an easy decision. My interest for design is rooted in my passion for vintage clothing, sustainability and efficiency, and my life-long love affair with the outdoors and snowboarding. These interests are seamlessly incorporated and identifiable in my design process. Creating clothing and gear that has style and tells a story but is also functional is what my designs are grounded in. I believe that clothing is a tool, it can enhance our relationship with the outdoors in the way we think, create, and live. The culture established by the outdoor industry intrigues me in the way it interacts with the fashion industry and influences on-trend styles. Performance gear is not just designed for functional use. In order to penetrate and drive the market, revolutionary, sustainable styles need to induce adventure, ingenuity, and adaptability. Current environmental movements hint toward a sustainable future of outdoor gear that prioritizes giving materials a new life. This is central to the way I approach the creative process. Vintage materials are typically responsible for sparking inspiration and helping me realize a need for improvement. I am a very visual thinker and brainstorming comes best when I allow myself to just sit with my thoughts and see what comes naturally and organically. Conducting market research helps me identify further improvements that can be made while incorporating my personal style–vintage-inspired functional clothing. The world has enough fabric that can and will last lifetimes if taken care of properly. The industry needs to exploit this.